Tuesday, July 7, 2009

wawa: Happy 4th. love America.

Walking (limping) to the beach was one of mine and Clee's favorite activities. The tide was low on 4th of July morning, perfect time to collect sea shells.
So we went.
Like always, I limped far behind the rest of the group.

The beach was an actual beach that morning. Unlike the few other times we went, we had room to walk due to the low tide. The kids and my mom had a blast searching for shells. By the end, they had all collected a pretty good amount of shells that were intended to come home with us. We accidentally (or intentionally?) forgot them at Michelle's. Boo.

What's with this boy, and losing his swim trunks?
Say no to crack, Clee. Ha.
Wee bit inappropriate, perhaps...

Andrew found Mr Crabs... dead. Luckily, he wasn't too upset.
He'll "see him on Spongebob tomorrow".
RIP Mr Crabs...

Later, we were trying to decide what to do for lunch. My cousin Steve suggested we'd try McFrugal's in Port Angeles for the sole reason of it's namesake. An even more ghetto version of McDonalds was quite intriguing to yours truly.
I knew then we had to go.
There was no turning back at that point.

Turned out that it wasn't McFrugal's after all.
Just Frugals.
Still awesome, but not the same. Sigh.
This would have been a lunch fail, but the brightly lit cent signs in the burger made it jump back into win status.

We took our Frugals lunch to the park.

We swung.

We played cowboy.

We got dizzy on the tire swing, and tried to walk right afterwards.

The adults joined in the fun...
and fell on their bums.

Andrew. Steve.

Aldo. Emme.

Next on the to-do list...


Here I was, thinking that we'd get a few of the little cutesy things that spin and make a lot of noise...


The men had something bigger and better in mind.

Here is Steve, planning out the light show.
It was very detailed. This is serious business, y'all.

Mark and Al diligently working on light show platform.
All smiles coming from those two.

Final touches were coming along swiftly.

Grandma and kids watched from a safe distance, wearing their prideful 4th of July shirts.

While we waited for light show time, the adults played a Grime family classic, Trivial Pursuit... from 1981. Someone needs to invest in a newer version of Trivial Pursuit, methinks.

Katie. Emme.

The time had come. We were all giddy with anticipation of what was in store for our viewing pleasure.

The mens hard work and planning payed off. The men put on a sweet light show for all of Michelle's neighbor's to see. The kids loved watching them from a safe distance. All three were still a little scared of the loud pops and bangs. Clee would go to my mom and put her hands over his ears when they went off. A smile remained on his face the entire time.

Me. Aldo. Steve.

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Tice said...

I can't tell you how much I'm in lurve with that censored picture. Clemon, I have the same problem.

And I'm envious of that way cute hoodie you have on in the last picture. I can borrows it sometime? :)