Tuesday, July 7, 2009

wawa: Hurricane Ridge

We took a family hike up Hurricane Ridge. The hike was too steep for my moms asthma, so she enjoyed it's beauty walking around the visitors center. I being pitifully gimpy with my foot, trailed far behind the others. It turned out to be quite peaceful, being able to soak in mother natures landscape alone. I was able to appreciate it a little more, since I didn't have to worry about 3 kids falling off the steep cliffs. I let the adults that raced each one up the mountain do the worrying.

The Glaciers were amazing. My mad photo taking skillz don't do them justice.

Aldo figured out a way to keep Clee from falling off any cliffs. Safety win!

Emme and Michelle.

Michelle and Aldo.


My mom picked up this fine form of literature at the gift shop...

Yay!! Me loves!!

Double Bonus:

"The hills are alive...with the sound of music."


Tice said...

This makes me wanna live with you when you move to wawa. But only if we can sing as we hike.

Rhode TrĂ¯p said...

That place looks pretty amazing.

Meg said...

Oh! I need to get you a copy of this childrens book about farts! It is classic....just like your new poop book. Love. It.