Tuesday, July 7, 2009

wawa: Olympic game farm

According to word of mouth, the Olympic game farm in Sequim is where some of the disney animals come to retire. Dunno know if thats fact or rumor, but these animals sure act like their preforming... for bread.
In this zoo-typeish farm, you remain in your car and drive around to certain areas where different types of animals reside. You receive a bag of bread upon entering and you can feed it to the animals throughout the park. Exciting, no?

Blehk. Lamas...

Too close for my comfort.

These two didn't seem to mind.

The bears were soooooo cuh-ute!! I just wanna cuddle with one. They would sit and smile for bread. There was one bear that I would throw slices of bread at, and he would catch them with his mouth. Ha. Rad.

Santa sends his reindeer to stay here during the summer, to keep their eyes on naught and nice children who come to the farm. Or thats just what I told Andrew, anyway.

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Tice said...

Um...loving that peacock. And the bears that smile for food. I find myself doing the same. Smiling for food, that is.