Tuesday, July 7, 2009

wawa: sunsets are beachy keen

I'm a fool for a good old fashioned gorgeous sunset.
Sequim had plenty.
Every night I would go out on Michelle's deck and relish in it's beauty.
Every night, a different sunset would come. Not one similar to the last.
We enjoyed our visit to Washington. Almost too much. I didn't want to leave.
Lurves to you Wawa. 'Til we meet again...


Tice said...

Hows about you and I plan to see a wawa sunset...together. Wink wink. Nom nom.

Meg said...

I was scrolling up from the bottom of this post and haven't even read it yet....the last picture is priceless though. I laughed. Outloud. haha!

Sally Sirmans said...

@Tice: Nice leaving me out. Pout. I wanna go to Wawa.