Wednesday, July 8, 2009

wawa: Twilight touring is more common then you'd think

If you were chilling in Washington in a town 10 miles away from Port Angeles and 60 miles away from Forks, you would go? The answer would be yes. Yes you would. And we did just that.
We got our twilighter faces on, and braced the crowds of tweens and adult women that stood beside us as we ventured into the magical wonders known as the twilight tour.

First off. Port Angeles.

Photo op with Edward is necessary when taking such a tour.

I got myself one of these amazing "Enjoy Edward Cullen" mugs.
Flash forward to a picture of me loving on it.

Here is the famous restaurant where Bella and Edward shared the first date, and some secrets. We wanted to have lunch there, but they were only open for dinner. So after coming back later and seeing they were booked for the rest of the night, we made reservations to come back the next day. Wah wah.

I guess you could say I had a "bella moment" (ha) right after this picture was taken. Upon being a good mother by trying to prevent Clemon from falling, we both fell. Whoopsies. I sprained and bruised my foot on one leg, tore up my knee on the other. These are the kind of moments I needed Tice there with me. She would have laughed and that would have taken all the awkwardness out of the fall, but she wasn't there and my mom and Emme wouldn't dare laugh. The girls 10 feet did though. ha.

It's a good thing there weren't any vampires around... badaba.
Thank you I'll be here all day. Try the veal.

We grabbed Andrew some Edward sunglasses and teeth at the gift shop and headed to Forks. Andrew channeled Edward along the way. He was our vampire buddy throughout the rest of the tour.

The drive from P.A (that's what the locals call it) to Forks was gorgeous.

We had some listening pleasures along the way.

Note for twilighters:
See my awesome chuck taylors in the above picture? I bought them in Forks at Bella's place of work. Jealous?

Here I am mapping out our journey.

Second stop. La Push. Home to the werewolves. Sadly there were no werewolves insight, or were there...

This sign had forbidden our vampire buddy from going into La Push, but we rebelled and let two vampires sneak by.

Perhaps we spotted a werewolf after all?

First beach was beautiful, but I hear the water is so cold there, you have to wear a bodysuit before entering the water.

Here we are in Forks. Yippie!!
Forks is making a killing in the monies with all of it's twilight tours and merch. The whole town was covered with campers galore, teen girls, adult women, and their poor husbands looking for hawt vampires and one clumsy girl.

Awesome signs, much?

Bella's dads car.

Look at mmmeeee! I'm front of Forks high!

We had to stop and purchase some twi-merch along the way.

The Swan house. They also had the Cullen's house, but I refused to take a photo of it. The house was right next to the high school and not very Cullen-esque. Picky...

The hospital has an actual parking spot reserved for Carsile Cullen. Score! The bumper stick on "his" motorcycle is faboosh!

The small town of Forks has it's visitors center dedicated to Twilight. It's the home to Bella's truck and Twilight tours. This is Me and my vampire buddy posing in front of the truck. The posters in front of the windshield makes it that much better.

Finally, the next night we were able to dine at Bella Italia.
Woohoo! The place was crawling with twilighters, and I even overheard I woman ask where Edward and Bella sat. Good question, right? Sadly the hostess didn't really have a response.
Sad face.

Mom, Andrew, Michelle, Emme, Mark, Linda, yours truly, Clee.

Vampire buddy, dazzling the ladies. He tried to get the waitresses attention, but failed.
I'm sure they've become numb to the twilight hype.

Chilling while waiting for dinner.

I had to get the mushroom ravioli, come on now.
Mmm... mushroom ravioli...

There you have it. A small taste of twilight country.

And to think...
This is how fast this little tour would have been if Edward was your tour guide. ha.


Brittany said...

I love, love, love the pictures. It looks like you guys had an awesome time!

Tice said...

Yeah, I would've totally laughed. In fact, I'm laughing right now as I picture you falling and then us laughing. Ha. Srsly. Anytime I fall or see someone fall, I think of you. asterisk sigh asterisk

I'm glad your family was willing to humor you and your Twilight obsession. When we move to Washington, we can be's Twilight tour guides? That would be awe.some.

Amanda said...

Thanks Natalie for the tour! I am jealous, I want to visit Forks!

Karen said...

What great pictures...what a great trip...what a great tour of Forks...makes me even want to go....thanks for such a fun Sunday morning! Loved catching up on your trip...What would we do without Bogs these days!