Tuesday, July 7, 2009

We're home,

and tired. Boy. Howdy are we tired.
I can't wait to share with blogland our many adventures via this blog. We had a great time and 960 pictures to prove it.
That's a lot of pictures, y'all.
Obviously not all can make the final cut onto this here blog, so I need to take action and decide which ones are the most worthy to post.
It's gonna be hard.
All pictures are amazing. No jokes.

New posts are coming soon. Until then, here's a little somethin-somethin for you to enjoy while you wait.

Uhmazng. Uh. Mazing.


Rhode Trïp said...

Ha. I believe you may have just started a new internets meme. (I can haz tumeez rub?)

Welcome home.

Tice said...

Pah! I love, love, lurve it. Can't wait to nom on y'all next week.