Wednesday, August 26, 2009

After 83 days of summer, and 3 kids, our home has been left in shambles. It's pretty bad. Bathrooms haven't been thoroughly cleaned in weeks, kitchen floor hasn't seen a mop in uh..., tons of tiny little doodads and trinkets that have some summery memory haven't been assigned a new home so they lay in the office closet and/or living room, dirty finger prints along each and every wall, just to name a few. I did manage to wash all bed sheets yesterday, but lets be honest- that has to be done no matter how stressed you are.

With the kids finally in school now, I told myself that restoring our home to the condition once was in is a priority this week. It must get done. I cannot live in these conditions anymore.

...Well evidentially I can.
You see. Andrew has taken a liking to Sonic the Hedgehog. Old school wii games are perfect for little ones who are just starting to venture into the gaming world. What better and cheap game to introduce to him to than this:

Anyone remember this game?
I do.
And I rocked at it.
Cocky much?
You betcha.
Instead of tackling the mile high chores that "must get done", I've been spending quality time playing Sonic with the youngin'. Saying "spending quality time" justifies my laziness, right?
Oh and if you must know, I no longer rock at this game.
I am uh... what some would call terrible at it.

so.... yeah.


Grandma Gerri said...

Bonding with your son is important! And much more fun than cleaning.

Meg said...

I loved that game. Never rocked at it, but pretended to. I envy you....I want to play.

Tice said...

Ha. Uh, yeah, quality time. That's it.

Betsy said...

I's quality time!

I feel the same way about our house. It's gone to the pits as I proclaimed I was going to be lazy all summer. I was...and it's now awful! ha-ha! I don't have a little one still at home for an excuse...I've got to get busy! HA-HA!

Lori, Lorelei, Lore said...

I hear ya...the problem with me is I have to clean with them here, because I have to go to school when they go. C'est la vie!