Friday, August 14, 2009

I love reliving my past through pictures, don't you? I love seeing my babies as babies. I love that just one picture can bring back a wonderful memory you forgot you even had.
They remind me to live in the moment, because those moments are all you get. I forget that sometimes, especially during these summer months.

In honor of Clemon's birthday this coming Monday, here's a picture of Clee and Emme, two weeks after he was born.

This picture documents the very first shared naptime between Clemon and Emme. I remember how excited I was to have the luxury of showering before noon. I remember how my heart skipped a beat when I came in the room to check on the sleeping babes to find Emme's hand resting on Clee's arm. I remember running to find the camera, hoping she wouldn't move her hand before the presh moment could be captured on film. That always seems to happen, no?

I remember thinking that even at 17 months old, Emme was already turing out to be one good big sister. They were going to be close and have a special connection, that I knew.


Kim said...

I love this post <3

Grandma Gerri said...

I love this picture it brings back such strong memories. They did have a special bond and they still do. Clee loves his big sister. Remember when he wouldn't eat for us and Emme would stand on a chair and feed him. He would eat anything she fed him. She is such a mom just like you were and still are.

Tice said...

She's a great sister. I love that outfit Clemon has on. I think it was baby Jackson's, no?