Tuesday, August 18, 2009

my new darker hairdo

{clap... clap} What a pretty girl I am at midnight.

See? It's posting pictures of myself looking like this that makes me shameless and comfortable with my looks.


Brunettes are in. Consider your memo sent.
I colored my hair brown, like I had promised myself I would at the begging of summer. It's not as brown as I would have liked it, but it will suffice until it's time to retouch them roots.

Since we're on the topic of changing my look, yesterday after Emme snuck a picture of my backside, I realized: dang... girls got to get in shape. Seriously. So I'm back on the good ol' diet. This time I'm shooting to lose 20 pounds before Christmas. 5 pounds a month doesn't seem too hard. 20 pounds less of yours truly will make me look darling, and that's all a girl really could hope for. You know what I'm sayin'?
And mom, don't give me your "but you're darling just the way you are" lecture, k? It ain't working.
Thank heavens for those delightful 100 calorie twinkies. Don't judge me!! I like the twinkies!!!


Tice said...

Ooh. So seksi. You and I must be on the same wavelength. I'm fixin' to go brown this weekend. Maybe a reddish brown. Perhaps a brownish brown. You'll just hafta wait and see...

Grandma Gerri said...

Since you already know the lecture tell it to yourself okay? I love the new hairdo and color.
Love Mom

Betsy said...

Oh...pretty! I'm glad to hear brunettes are 'in'...since I've been one my whole life!

Meg said...

Love the hair. Funny thing...I am getting me hairs done today and was thinking of taking the plunge into the world of brunettes too!

The Sanders Family said...

Love the new look. You are gorgeous no matter what your hair.

crissy said...

Cute hair. Brown is where its at, for sure. Except for me, I've been enjoying several colors, currently with some blonde mixed in mith my now-brown/aburn hairs.

So, I'm wondering what's your diet plan? I need to lose 20 (+) lbs in about the same time frame. Perhaps we could be cross-country diet buddies. Hit me up.

Lori, Lorelei, Lore said...

Lookin' good. Wait, you remind me of someone. Oh, it's you!
I know...I'm a dork.