Thursday, September 24, 2009

Andrew and I took a walk through the halloween section at our local Target, today. We browsed the costume section in hopes of finding the Peter Venkman costume he has become obsessed with, to no avail. He started feeling discouraged. We hopped in the car, and he requested I play his new favorite song "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds". so he can think. I could tell he was in deep thought on the way home, I couldn't tell whether he was still upset over the ghostbusters costume fail, or trying to remember all of the words to his new song of choice. When we got home he said with deep regret:

"mommy. I've come to a decision. If we can't find a Peter Venkman costume before Halloween...

I want to be the Beatle that I really like. You know the one. The dead one who sings walrus."

... great. That 2nd choice sounds a lot easier to find.


Grandma Gerri said...

How are you going to do this put a rinse on his hair and get him a suit or a long wig and some hippie clothes?

Tice said...

I hope he does a combination Beatle/Ghostbuster.