Tuesday, September 15, 2009

boy band Sirmans 4evR

Valdosta was the place to be last Saturday night. Some of the Sirmans gang all got together to celebrate the marriage of Keener and Linda. It was a festive night full of yummy cake, diet coke, dancing, topped of with the musical talents that is affectionally referred to as the boy band sirmans. The sound tech was my favorite...

Here is one big heap of Sirmans siblings. Shock! There's an actual smile or two in there!
I kid...

Andrew and his fancy hat, were the symbol of both class and trend.

... We pretty much hung out by the candy table until the music started.

Sound tech working his sound tech stuff.

Emme enjoyed helping Elaine make the fruit spritzer {?}.

Get down Dale!
I believe the offical quote from yours truly was "I LOVE THIS!!" referring to my front row view of Dale getting grove on and shaking his booty.

Stevie and Keener having a bonding moment.
ps: I wish it was me sharing that moment with Stevie... sigh.

No need to comment on this next one.

The boy band Sirmans rocked the house!

... even Andrew had to join in the rockness.

Sound tech and his posse aka Shad and Lane.

Clee and I were dance partners throughout the entire night.

I let Elaine steal him away a few times.

Best picture of sound tech ever!
He's sooooo dreamy.

Hubba... hubba.


Oh... baby.

Clee loved observing and chilling next to the sound equipment.
Fiel better watch his back, new sound tech might be coming to steal the show.

Baby kisses. I love!

... Brittany? Do you have blue lips? I love that too!

Ending with the best picture of the night.
It was a good night had by all. Can't wait to hear the band play in November, woot!

ps: Thanks aunt Elaine for providing the post with pictures.

pps: video of this lovely night is on it's way! EEK!


Grandma Gerri said...

Andrew has the Sirmans no smile look down pat. You all look great and look like you had a great time. WICHBT

Tice said...

I'm in heaven with all these pictures. Srsly. I wonder how many 8x10 frames my walls can hold...

Brittany said...

Love it, Natalie. The Sirmans group is so fun. Will you guys adopt me so I can go to the reunion. Thanks to Alex for telling me I had blue lips ... not. That lollipop was yummy, though. Clee had some color coordination going on with his lollipop. Nice.

crissy said...

So, we have the same skirt. I guess that goes to show that we've both got great style. ;D

Candace said...

sirmans boy band 4lyf.

Lori, Lorelei, Lore said...

Aww..it looked like so much fun.
Hey, Natalie, I need some help with my blog. How do I get the inactive warning off? It's not supposed to be there.