Thursday, September 3, 2009

Doing your homework

while listening to this

and trying to ignore this

is very distracting.
It's a wonder she can get it done in the time she allows herself to.
Homework can't come between her, icarly and vice versa.

Sigh. Poor thing.

I guess it's time to turn her desk into a functioning work space.

Here I go...


Tice said...

She's so studious, that one. Methinks it's time for her to lock herself in her room at homework time.

ps- What's wrong with my Clemon?

natalie said...

... he was at home. srsly...

Grandma Gerri said...

Emme can tune just about everything out if she really wants to but it would be nice for her to have some place to do her homework without all of the distractions. Get to work mom. Poor Clee is have a hard time adjusting he'll get into the swing of things you are a great mom.