Friday, September 4, 2009

happy day

It was going to be a big surprise on his birthday.
He's aware that he missed the market for Ghostbusters memorabilia by 25 years, so I knew he wouldn't expect to receive mini size ghostbusters on the day of his birth.
It was genius.
He was going to be thrilled... that is until he went ahead and ruined my master plan.
Sheesh. Thanks a lot, bud.
Way back in June, we found and ordered three little mini mates for my mini mate that have been on backorder until recently selling out. We were supposed to receive them by late October, or so I thought.
One came early and even though I knew it's arrival was scheduled for today, I was beat to the mail box by a four year old who had opened the package before walking back to the front porch.
"Aw man!" I thought to myself, that is until I saw the look of sheer joy and surprise beaming from his face.
My heart melted.
I'm truly a sucker for this child.

A boy with his newly treasured possession.


Grandma Gerri said...

I love that he beat you to the mailbox (big surprise). Maybe you should check the box before you pick him up from school. Ha

tice said...

I'm glad we got to Skype with Egon. (Or was it Dr. Venkman? I still can't remember...)

Betsy said...

Oh funny! At least it was entertainment for the rest of the day! LOL!

Brittany said...

Little stinker. You're such a sweet mom, Natalie. He is so cute with his Ghostbuster goodies.

Meg said...

those are seriously cool! I want one! Ask Andrew if he will share with me...haha!