Sunday, September 20, 2009

The iphone is a wonderful and handy accessory for yours truly. I've needed it for several random doings, today was one of them. While during the last hour of church, my children and I were in our usual back row seating in the chapel for sacrament meeting. We were about to sing the opening hymn when I noticed we didn't have a hymnal. Luckily I installed a church hymns application on my phone for such circumstances. Hymn # 189 appeared with the slight touch of my finger. It was g e n i u s... that is until Andrew screamed- not yelled, or spoke loudly, but SCREAMED "What?? Not fair!!! How come you get to play with your phone during chapel time and I can't??" Needless to say I had the entire congregation turned around staring at me and the reverent child. Did I mention that after months of going to this ward, our records were finally received and we were welcomed into the ward today? No? Well today our families records were finally received and we were officially welcomed into our ward.
... I think they're really gonna like us.


Grandma Gerri said...

They will when they get to know you don't worry.

Brittany said...

Ha ... leave it to the kiddies, right? I have problems with my kids passing gas during Sacrament Meeting. Little stinkers.

Tice said...

Ha. This is my favorite church story of this week.