Friday, October 9, 2009

Dear stoopid NBC:

First you cancel My Name Is Earl. I was heartbroken. Then you get me hooked on a little show called, Southland. I was in love. Now... now you went and canceled that too, for none other then Jay Leno??? I am appalled!! No wait- OUTRAGED!! There is no longer a need to see Mr. Leno's face five days a week.
Now I'll never know if "That Thing You Do" guy died in the season finale or not! That.Stinks.
In response to your blinded judgement, I am boycotting your channel until further notice. And by boycott I mean only watching Community and The Office. Hpmf.
Good day to your sir!


Grandma Gerri said...

I dare you to copy and past this into a comment on their website!!!!

Tice said...

Goodness. You're so feisty this evening.

april said...

the office wedding episode was hysterical. i love you and your blog posts. they always make me smile/laugh. you're awesome. i hope they get rid of those starfish soon. poor clee!