Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Don't all your road trips involve a kid listening to The Beatles with his finger up his nose?

The kids and I made the most out of our three day weekend and went with Elaine, Karen, Amanda, and Kalil up to north Georgia to celebrate uncle Stan's Birthday.

FYI, bulldogs slobber on everything. Including my pants, shirt, and hair.
Dis. Gust. Ing.
Andrew would have you know that there is also a song by the Beatles called "Hey Bulldog".
Another reason to love them "dawgs", as far as he's concerned.

Clee loved running around the Woodville homes backyard. He felt right at home.

He also gave and received some love from Meme. She told him she loved her little Fiel (Clee) and that he was her sweet boy.
Too precious.

Uncle Stan was lucky enough to have a UGA Birthday party topped off with a UGA cake.

... seeing how lucky he was to have such a party, he was nice enough to give Andrew the football.

When Clee wasn't running around the yard, and loving on Meme, he played with Amanda.
Poor girl had to swing him around at least 100 times.

When he wasn't doing doing all of the above, he was collecting and playing with the pecans that fell from the pecan tree.

We sure did have a lot of fun!
Laughter was all around.

...but there were also a few tears.

The Woodville church is so cute! Just like a picture taken out of a southern living type magazine.

We ended our trip to Woodville with a stop at papa Rex's resting place.

What is with this boy and the dead?
Methinks he's taking his duty as a ghostbuster a tad too seriously.


Grandma Gerri said...

Looks like a fun trip!! Can't wait to see all of those little monsters!

chaffinclan said...

I love that backyard. I had many a fun time on the swing. And those pecans were the best tasting ones ever. Ever.

ps-My dream would be to gut and restore that house to it's original 1940s state. *sigh* If only I had reason to move to Woodville.

Anonymous said...

Looks like your family had a great time!

The last photo is a bit worrying though... :o