Monday, October 5, 2009

Don't you just hate when your boy eats his shirts?

Oh wait. That's just my child... right.

For almost two years now, Clee has been known as the family shirt eater. Not to be mistaken as shirt chewer. He eats his shirts. Why yes, I'm accepting your pity.
Almost two years ago he exchanged his cute polos and Ts in for nothing but button down shirts.
Boring. Boring.
I realized he didn't like the texture of the button down shirts and wouldn't chew on them. I was a brief genius for discovering that, and rode my high horse well. The button down shirts were working wonders until six months ago. I guess you can say I fell off my high horse and it ran away. Sad face.
Now every shirt he owns has a chewed collar.
Each collar worn down on the right side, never the left.

Always on the right.

Here are his new school shirts. Each shirt is one month new, but you couldn't tell by the looks of them.

See? The collar on the left looks as good as new...

On the right? Not so much.

I wonder if it's hard to notice from the naked eye? Lets just say it is, even if it's not.

Have I ever told you just how much I love my Clee?


Meg said...

Just spray a little white vinegar on the collar. That should do it. haha!

Grandma Gerri said...

That's a good idea meg has but I'll bet it wouldn't work long on Clee. Poor little guy I hope he gets over this one day. yes we all love our Clee.

Betsy said...

Maybe you could find some vitamin enriched laundry soap! ha-ha....laughing with you, of course! :)

The Sanders Family said...

So have you tried the collar-less shirts? Or find one, or invent one where you can switch the collar out. -Keep the good shirt unbutton the chewed collar and button one a nice new one. You might have to get creative with some sewing stuff.

Tice said...

That is a lovely array of shirts he has there. I recall the polo/tshirt incidents of years ago. But let's face it, the boy looks good no matter his clothing.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Clee should set his own trend at school - the chewed-collar look? :)