Thursday, October 22, 2009

I spy with my wee eye...

someone's granny trying to steal my van!

Best moment of the week, thus far.

I love this!!

I had no idea this event was even taking place while we were at the pumpkin patch.

It wasn't until after this photo was downloaded and enlarged when I saw that I captured the crime in action.

Do you see her?

Behind Emme?

What about now?

Hee hee hee.
In grannies defense, her daughters van is a spitting image of mine.


Betsy said...

I only tried taking my boys to the pumpkin patch once. Actually, they were in kindergarten and I went along on the little field trip. It was a nightmare. I cried. And I vowed never again to go on a field trip. ha! (I can laugh now that it's been 10 years!)

On the other hand, you kids look like they loved it!

Tice said...

Ha. I'm glad you had those arrows. I was seriously at a loss.

Grandma Gerri said...

Ha!! that's your mom in a few years, wait maybe you should keep your eye on me when I visit.

Granny said...

Dernnit! I totally would have gotten away with it if my meddling daughter-in-law hand't gotten all nosy. Now there's no escape.

Meg said...

This is Classic....I'm emailing you one of my personal favs of this same sort of "gotcha" moments....stand by