Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My faith in the kindness of mankind was restored today. Allow me to tell you why. My van has been leaking water from the AC into the dash floor since the end of summer. Numerous towels have been placed on the floor to catch the water rather than the carpets.
Fiel said a pipe was most likely clogged and to take it somewhere to be repaired. I called toyota. Lucky for me, I got the privilege of speaking with a grumpy man who told me the repair would cost well into the 300's (yes, 300 dollars). He also told me I needed to replace the carpet, right before he hung up on me while I was in the midst of a sentence. How rude. Hmpf.
Long story short, I don't have 300 extra dollars lying around, so the towels soaking up the water would have to be a temporary fix for now. Kinda like duct tape except duct tape doesn't absorb water, so I guess not really like duct tape...
After weeks of having water trickle down my foot after every turn I made, I decided to be done with it and called the shop who replaced the vans belts. Mike's Garage.
I went there this morning for an estimate. Twenty minutes after my arrival, Mike himself walked towards me. I started to get nervous. How much was this going to cost me, I wondered. "Mrs. Sirmans. You're good to go." He then proceeded to tell me what they did to fix my leak in car language, which I'm not how you say fluent in, but when he said "no charge. Very simple and common problem in Sienna's..." I understood completely.
What would have been a 300 dollar charge just 2 miles down the road, was free at this rink-a-dink car repair/chevron.
This act of kindness directed at yours truly has made me overwhelmed with the feeling of gratitude and it most certainly brightened my day.

So. I guess not all repairmen are seeking to rip you off, eh? Go figure.


Grandma Gerri said...

How sweet and great for you! He sounds like my car guy Mike, so it's the first place I always take my car.

Repairman Fred said...

What we have here is a classic case of repairmen bias towards pretty ladies.

Note that when a phone call was undertaken, the repairman's attitude was more in line with his natural proclivities. But when said interaction was in person (granted with a different repairman — they're all the same), the repairman in question overcame his predisposition for surly and money-grubbing and proffered this alleged act of charity.

As an insider, I can assure you this only works for the reason stated above. If I, a bearded man, sporting my sub-optimal looks and prodigious potbelly, were in need of the same repair under similar circumstances, I would certainly been invoiced the full $300.

Fair? Certainly not. The way it is? Yer dern tootin'. Of course, had this happened to me, I would have just fixed it and then bought myself $300 worth of NASCAR pay-per-view.

Meg said...

Faith in the human race. Restored.

natalie said...

Pretty as in sans makeup, darks circle below the eyes, oily hair up in a ponytail, wearing my finest holy sweats... color me surprised! I rock that look!!

ps: the discrimination against bearded potbelly men has got to stop!! :)

Tice said...

Gurl, let's face it. You're hawt. Even with the dark eye circles and especially in those finest holy sweats. Chicka boom.