Thursday, October 22, 2009

Oh crap moment of the week

"So. What high school do you go to?", the hairdresser asked me yesterday trying to make conversation. "Oh I'm well out of high school. Just had my 10 year reunion a few months ago, actually" I giddily replied. "Wow. You sure don't look it..." she complemented back.
I was feeling pretty darn good about myself after that. Praising myself for be so obsessed with moisturizing my face everyday for over a decade. Thinking Fiel needed to do the same since we're going to grow old together... we must look around the same age, no?
Ah yes. Feeling good indeed.
That is until later that afternoon. While Emme and I waited in the waiting room during Clee's occupational therapy, another mother was talking to the receptionist about something that happened in the mid 70's. I couldn't tell you what it was about, but apparently she thought I could. When the receptionist couldn't recall the mid 70's flashback, the other mother turned around, looked at me, and said "well you're older than me... don't you remember?"

... crazy loon, say what???

I gave her my "oh no you di'n't" look and shot back, "uh... how old do I am?"

She was 35. She thought I was older than her. Sad face.

Sigh... My good feeling abruptly ended right after that.


Meg said...

Self-esteem booster and breaker all in one day. Sad face. Wanna hear something my boyfriend is 10 years old than's really sad when I don't get carded at the clubs and he does. Yeah. Figure that one out??? I sure can't. Do I look THAT old? I thought I was doing pretty good for passing as that young 21-ish year old. Fail.

Grandma Gerri said...

The women is either nuts, didn't take a good look at you, or thinks she looks pretty darn good for her age. I personally think without ever meeting her that she's nuts.

Tice said...

Sad face. On a brighter note, I played your birthday song voicemail to a co-worker down in the dumps and it brightened her day. If only I could figure out how to transfer it from my voicemail to my blog so all could hear your fantastimick version of a Brian McKnight classic.