Friday, October 30, 2009

a week of halloween festivities

Halloween eve creeped its way here.
We made the most out of the week before halloween with some howling good activities.

The kids had been wanting to make homemade play dough for quite some time, so when I came across a recipe for koolaid play dough I knew our play dough making time was now.
We made halloween colors in spirit of halloween.
Clee mushed it, ate it, and threw it up in the air.
Andrew made a scary pumpkin.
Emme, being the creative and artsy one of the family made a ghoulish replica of her stuffed dog, Rocky.

I'll be frank with you. Craving pumpkins is not what I would call a good time, but the kids do, so I put my happy face on and braved through the guts and craving for the sake of kiddie happiness and memories.
Emme, Clee, and Andrew dislike the whole gutting of the pumpkin process, but what's not to like about creating the spooky faces that go on it?

Andrew's frankenstein lasted a day and a half. Emme's is still going strong.

What's halloween without these classic movies?

I've become domestic in my old age, and it's shocking. I found a pumpkin cupcake recipe in the current issue of Real Simple and thought they looked super yummy, so I gave it a whirl and guess what? They were yummy, and a hit with Emme. We've made three batches of pumpkin cupcake goodness already. mmm... Pumpkin cupcakes....

These next cupcakes are a hoot! My mom emailed a picture of an owl cupcake a coworkers wife had made for her office, and I thought they were too cute not to copy!

Someone's classroom was lucky enough to get some of these today... Clee's classmates weren't so fortunate. Clee stuck his fingers in all of his owl cupcakes to get the candycorn beaks before I could stop him. Knowing where Clee's hands had been prior to touching all of the cupcakes, I felt it was best not to send them in to school. Yuck.

Hoot are you looking at?

Happy Halloween!!


Grandma Gerri said...

Looks like fun times! I sure wish I could be around for all of these =(

Grandma Gerri said...

Oh yeah great job on those cupcakes Nat!!

sorichfamily said...

okay miss domestic...holy cow! mom of the year award is coming soon!! and i am also eager to see the yo-yo garland you mentioned...i may have to copy you!! :) rock on!

Tice said...

Gudnesch. You're so domestic. I heart those cupcakes. You're a nicer mom than I. I avoid pumpkin carving at all costs. I did cave and let the kids make a halloween gingerbread house. But that required little effort on my part.

ps- I think I'm gonna don Tycen's old hot dog costume tomorrow night. Whatchu fink?

Sally Sirmans said...

Wow you are the next Martha Stewart. Just don't go to prison, mkay?

Brittany said...

My oh my, Natalie. So cute! We've got to get on those curtains.