Monday, November 30, 2009

being festive can be dangerous at times

I thought yesterday morning would be the perfect time to put up our Christmas tree. I finally finished my yoyo garland (post on that coming soon) and I was antsy to get it on the tree.
Fiel brought the tree box in from the garage into the kitchen, and right after I suggested he take it back out to the garage and open it in there incase any furry rodents had made camp in our lovely tree... a baby mouse jumped off a branch and landed on the kitchen floor!!!!


All was a blur after that. I squealed and ran as fast as I could into my bedroom, hiding underneath my beautiful quilt. Fiel needed help with catching that pesky mouse so I yelled for my mom to come quick. After much running around they caught the mouse, and I thought my morning of terror was over. Boy was I wrong.

They took the box back out to the garage and guess what they found. A mama mouse and the rest of her babies! The kids loved watching my mom and Fiel chase the family of ugly rodents outside from the kitchen window. I have no idea what's wrong with my children, ps.

Deeping cleaning and a can of lysol later the tree is up and is looking lovely, but I will always remember what once lived in my Christmas tree... always.


Fielding said...

... dramatic much?

crissy said...

Ha ha ha.... I was nervous about pulling out my tree. I was worried some of my delightful (horrible, awful, nasty) spider friends from our last residence had made themselves a home in my tree. Thankfully, my tree was free and clear of creepy crawlers.
Don't know what I'd have done if there'd been one mouse, let alone a family... at least you have people who love you (even if they think you're crazy/dramatic) to take care of things like that for you.

And thanks for the laugh ; )

Meg said...


Grandma Gerri said...

Ha! I wish I had been in the room with my camera ready to catch your reaction when you saw that mouse it would have been priceless!!!!!!

chaffinclan said...

First of all, did Fielding actually make that comment? Or were you writing what you knew he was thinking in his mind?

And, eek! Listen, I'll kill all the bugs in the world. I still wish I hadn't smooshed that 5 inch spider to smithereens. You know the one that snuck up on me in my old apartment... Anyhoo, I wish I had picked it up in a ziploc so I could've figured out what it was. But mice? Eek! I'll scream like a little girl and jump on the highest surface available. And then I'll continue to scream until someone else braver than me catches it and assures me it won't be back.