Monday, November 30, 2009

Disney World: Epcot day 2

To me, Epcot is just one of those places you go see if you're headed in that direction anyway. Am I right, or am I right, or am I right. Please accept my apology if you love Epcot and I have offended you. It was not intentional (cheesy grin on my face in attempts to win you back over...).

After much needed beauty rest from the day before, we were refreshed and ready for some more Disney action. We stayed at a Disney resort in there broadway district. I swear they saw Emme and I coming. We're fools for a good musical and musical themed value resort.

Surprisingly, there were some pretty cool things to do at Epcot. We walked around several different countries, saw the future, swam with the fishes, went to space and wanted to vomit, became test dummies, and even saved the world-- but I'm getting ahead of myself.

We went to Nemos aquarium. It wasn't as extravagant as I had anticipated, but it was really neat to see dolphins close up. Never done that before. Clee loved looking at the water, like I knew he would. He was the main reason I chose Epcot as one of the parks we would visit. He can't get enough of anything sea related. The boy was meant t be in the sea.

Next we had a mission. A mission to save the world. We took part in a fun quest with Kim Possible to save the world. We were agents stationed in the United Kingdom to stop Duff Killigan from turning the world into a giant golf course. Yes, the epcot sphere was a gigantic golf ball. We took our Kimmunicator (cellphone) around Britain, finding clues. We even spotted some Beatle merchandise- random! We collected all the clues, stopped Duff's evil plan, became heros, and dumped our Kimmunicator in the secret drop shoot. We appreciate your gratitude for saving you. It was really no big, though...

Who doesn't love these phone booths?? They're awesome!! I want one for keepsies.

"I can't believe we have to walk all the way to Paris" Emme

ps: that fancy sign done up by yours truly around Clee's neck is sign stating who he is, that he has autism, and my name and digits if he were to ever get lost. Gotta be prepared in such a huge crowed place. I had several comments about what a clever idea it was, in which I replied "Doi". Ha. No I didn't. I responded in the most politest way possible 'cause I'm super classy.

Ooh la la. What a cute artist! Magnifico! That's Italian. Not french, silly.

Morocco was a pretty sweet place for looksies.
And posing for the camera.

After visiting most of the countries we decided to ride some rides and get shrunk in a 3D show. The Test Drive was a hit amongst every member of our party. Andrew said it was the coolest ride ever! Come to think of it, he said that after every ride...

Clee had moments in every ride where he would cover his eyes during the scary parts with his ride buddies one hand while the other hand rested underneath his bum. Gotta love him.

Emme our little thrill seeker loved the mission space ride. Blah. That ride was horrible. It spun and jerked us around like a baby doll. I kept my eyes closed the entire time. She smiled all the way through, I bet.

All except Clee and I participated in a 3D show based on Honey I Shrunk The Kids. Clee was terrified, and I've done the show several times at DisneyLand so I didn't feel like I was missing out. Emme and Andrew loved all but the dog drool at the end. When they asked how they made the drool so realistic, I told them Disney collects drool from bulldogs and uses it just for that show. They didn't believe me...

After a fun and educational day we decided to visit one more country and catch the fireworks display before we headed back to our value resort.
We had the privilege of being guided in a tour-like atmosphere by the three amingos inside a lavish boat ride around Mexico. Andrew said he loved Mexico because they made Taco Bell.

After a visit to Mexico, we ended our night with yet again I fireworks display. This one had a huge lit up world that played video of different animals, that floated across the water while fire came out of something else and a song about different countries played in the background. Worst. Description. Ever. Doesn't sound too neat from the way I just described it, but it was. Very. Neat.

Up next: Last but not least Magic Kingdom: Day 2


Grandma Gerri said...

fun, fun, fun!!!!

chaffinclan said...

I've never had the desire to visit Epcot either. Truth be told, I've never had the desire to visit Disney. Now *that* statement might be offensive to some. You'll love me despite my flaws, right? Right?!

Ramsey said...

Okay so I already told you that you have the most beautiful family ever but those two shots of Clee in front of the tank just make me teary. He is the most beautiful boy in the whole wide world.