Monday, November 30, 2009

Disney World: Magic Kingdom day 1

My dad treated our family to a 3 day vacay to Disney World as an early Christmas gift while my mom was in town. It was the greatest gift my kids could have hoped for. I confess I love DisneyLand. We used to go once a year growing up. I just enjoy being in that fantasy atmosphere. You can say I'm lame, I say it's brainwashing. Disney World was something I've never done before and was something we as a family could experience together. It was also a celebration of the first 10 years of our little family (Fiel proposed to me 10 years ago on the same day we arrived at the park-- just had to through that in).
We woke up at 4:30 am on Sunday morning and made our long drive to Orlando. I trusted my handy dandy iphone to navigate our way, but it took us for a wild ride and we ended up in back of Disney World in the parts guests are supposed to never see. oops. Fiel hates when I navigate.

Lane joined us in the fun. We all got a little goofy during our Disney vacay.

What's one of the perks of having a child with autism, you ask? Well there are several (seriously there are, don't let anyone fool you) but one perk that really sticks out is being able to discover Disney by using one of these:

Da da da da!!!
It's a guest assistance card. With this piece of paper, we could bypass every line and go strait to the front on most rides. The longest wait time was just a little under 10 minutes. Excellent. We got to feel what it's like to a vip for a brief shake. We even saw the back of The Pirates ride- nothing fancy. Sad face. We loved that card. That's one thing Disney does very well, cater to it's disabled guests. We greatly appreciated it. There was no way Clee could have waited in line for an hour and a half with crowds of people surrounding him.

"See? I can drive, now give me my license."

"Why are there so many mama cars (mini vans) at Disney World?"


This picture is my all time favorite, and it has nothing to do with my suave placement of the bunny ears. The look on these two kiddos faces is priceless. Looks like they're having a magical time, no?

As part of the festiveness of Christmas, every night the fairy Godmother came out of the castle and magically turned Cinderella's castle into a wonderland draped in millions of icicles, with a little help from the audience of course. The kids loved it. It was truly gorgeous.

Family love!

The fireworks were a sight to be seen. We forced our way into the crowds to get a decent viewing spot and watched in awe. Disney knows how to put on a fireworks show. Clee pushed the lady who cut in front of him out of his way, don't be getting in front of Clee and his viewing pleasure, m'kay. He's not gonna take it. Fireworks is very serious bizznet.

We ended our first day at Disney with the light parade. We sat on the curb just so we could get the best seats in the park . The looks on everyones faces was worth 45 minute wait.

At the stroke of midnight, our pumpkins turned into little sleeping beauties.
Day one was over. We were all exhausted.

Up next: Epcot.


Grandma Gerri said...

This was the best time ever!!!

chaffinclan said...

Disney what? Gurl, I can't get past how hawt you look in that flannel. Work it. Srsly.

Ramsey said...

Ben and I are going on Monday and I can't wait! Thanks for sharing your pictures, you have the cutest family ever!!