Thursday, November 12, 2009

north florida fair

As soon as November rolls around, Emme starts asking about the fair. She loves everything about the fair. The rides, the games, I'm assuming the carnies, and the candy apples. I'm with her on the candy apples. Those are delish!
Grammy took us to the fair last Saturday and we were very grateful for her kindness. We all had a ball... well almost all. Andrew has a few meltdowns here and there, but does that kind of behavior really come as a surprise? No-no it does not. It's quite typical of him these days. What? Can't a girl be honest on her own blog?

I must admit I'm also fond of the fair-like atmosphere, the fried dough is worth the visit alone.

We stopped by the animal exhibits and saw the cuh-utest baby chicks. I wanted to pick them up and just squeeze them, but my fear of birds would never allow me to do so. Sad face.

Next was the rides. Emme is a fool for the fast spinning rides, and due to an unfortunate incident involving me and a tilt-a-whirl at Lake Compounce earlier this year, she was on her own. She didn't mind a bit. Elaine and I both agreed that Tice would have been in heaven. I don't know how she can ride such awful rides after having 4 babies, but alas, she can.

You like Andrew's shirt? Yeah I thought so. And the best part is, it's all true.

Andrew enjoyed the bumper cars, and got the hang of them 15 seconds before the ride ended. That has to be some kind of record.

Clee was scared of every ride-wouldn't go near them. Then we came to the fun house and he randomly asked for a ticket and smiled. He went in, but I can't tell you whether he enjoyed himself or not. Still, I was proud of him for even wanting to try.

I did hear a slight giggle coming from Clee as we went down the enormous slide. All of my dragging and pulling him up to the top paid off. A slide win, if I don't say so myself.

Emme and Grammy finally got that candy apple. Come to think of it, I believe I ate most of that apple... What happened there?

Today Andrew and I went back to the fair with his class. I was Andrew's and his friend Javon's buddy during the trip. After all of the stories I hear about Jude and Javon, I'm glad to finally put a face and personality with at least one of those names.

We walked to the fair from Andrew's school. He and Javon sang , made guitar sounds, and drum beats the entire way. Sounds like the perfect friend for Andrew, no?


Candace said...

andrew is so hood.

Kalena said...

I have been wanting to get that shirt for Riker!! You beat me to it!

Meg said...

Jealous. I love the fair too. Wish I could have been there! Plus, I love how Andrew is the only little white kid i nhis class. Classic.

PS your pics are huge and you have to click on them to see the whole thing.

Grandma Gerri said...

Whoa sounds like fun was had by all, can't wait to be part of the fun. I'm so excited and I just can't hide it....

Elaine said...

As always, it was great fun! We missed though all the other family members who go with us to fairs in the fall. It was a gorgeous day here in Florida.

Tice said...

I loves me a good tilt-a-whirl. And that shirt of Andrew's? Amazing. Truer words were never spoken. If only I could find one for the manchild. And that picture of Andrew and his classmates is amazingly similar to ones of me and my Baton Rouge classmates. Good times.

sorichfamily said...

i love all your pics! and they show up fine on the mac...yo! the last pic is a true keeper and it makes me giggle a little. they seem purrrrfect for each other! how fun!