Thursday, November 5, 2009

a post dedicated to the flannel shirt. No, seriously.

Flannel shirts remind me of my high school freshman year. Back in 199... ahem5 the Gap was full of them. Does anyone remember when Gap was the cool place to shop?
It seems like ages ago... I loved wearing my cool flannel shirts.
So comfy and cozy.
Then. Poof. They went out of style.

Imagine how delighted I was when they made their big debut back into my life 13 years later. Every girl needs a cute flannel shirt to wear and be cute in during the winter months, or in my case a very long fall.
Hello... Floridan.

Flannel shirts. How I love thee.


Meg said...

Oh ya...flannel shirts during our freshman year. Heck, I think I had every print that Limited 2 carried. Ha! We were cool. I better go pick me up one of those flannels soon. Relive the memory...

Grandma Gerri said...


Tice said...

I've been in love the the flannel shirt all along. And, last spring I bought myself some men's flannels from Hollister on clearance. Oh how my tomboy heart loves those flannel shirts.