Tuesday, December 8, 2009

bragging rights are a privilege

The insert from Clee's teacher, Mr Reece's email reads:

...By the way, he (Clee) has been unscrambling the letters of his first name (using letter magnets) to spell it correctly without any help the past couple of days. That's what I was so excited about this morning. That's one smart boy you've got there!

Indeed he is, but we all knew that didn't we. I was so impressed by Clee's recent efforts, I just had to share. This news make me want to go out and buy some fridge letter magnets right now!
Maybe he can unscramble the letters "I love mom" next...


Olive Mom said...

That's pretty sweet. And "I love mom" has lots of potential:

Voile Mom
Olive Mom
Memo Viol
Move Limo
Move Moil
Evil Om Om
Vile Om Om
Live Om Om
Veil Om Om
Vie Lo Mom
Ole Vim Om
Vole I Mom
Vole Mi Om
Love I Mom
Love Mi Om
Em Viol Om
Me Viol Om

I really like "Move Mi Lo." Sounds like an up and coming rap ├╝berkinder.

Grandma Gerri said...

wow that's something, yes we all know that he is one smart boy. I believe "I love mom" could be next!

Amanda L. said...

I remember when we were so thrilled that he was coloring in Nursery!

Way to go Clee!!!

Tice said...

Awww....I love him. Let me buy him some fridge magnets. I has the perfect set in mind...

Lori, Lorelei, Lore said...

That is so cool! I bet his teacher was estatic, thats what we wake up for in the morning!

annie said...

Clee we knew this about you, you are a very extraordinary child. Before you know it he'll be writing his own story.

Way to go mom. I know how it feels when your little child begins to triumph in something they've been working on.

Nat, you are a great inspiration to me in many ways.


Ramsey said...

GO CLEE! (I said it first then Beck said it as well so it's from both of us)

Brittany said...

Yea Clee!!!! That's so exciting!