Monday, December 14, 2009

Dear Jacqueline B.

You don't know me, but for two years now, I've been getting emails about your Williams Sonoma, Pottery Barn, PB Teen and PBK order confirmations by mistake. After the third time of calling WS customer service to let them know I was receiving your emails, I decided just to give up and live vicariously through your orders. I must say you have great taste. I especially loved the Madras quilt in full/queen you purchased 4 months ago. Wise choice on the euro shams. I'm in love with that quilt myself, and envy the lucky bed you chose to drape it over.
Anywho I wanted say that I personally don't think the Mamies Cheese Wafers you ordered today are worth the $34.00 you spent on them, but I'm almost positive the Coconut cake for $59.00 will be heavenly and I wish I could be there to eat some at your Christmas get together. It looks simply delish, and is making me drool.

I hope your Christmas will be Merry and bright, and I look forward to see what you purchase next.

ps: I'm very disappointed that I didn't see any peppermint bark in your order. That stuff is what dreams are made of.

pps: Coincidentally... my all time favoritest Pottery Barn Kids quilt is named the Jacqueline from their 2004 late spring collection. It came in either pink or light blue, and had cute little embroidered flowers on some of the quilts patches. It was my very first PBK quilt and I loved it so much I bought one for my bed, and one for my daughters. I swoon over it to this day whenever I come across it on ebay.


Grandma Gerri said...

I hope she someday gets her own confirmations. HA!

Ramsey said...

LOL!!! I love that not only you get her emails but that you blog about it. The only thing better would be if she ran across your blog.

The Bowes said...

Perry and I laughed till we cried!! I love your blog! I miss you, you're hilarious. And even though she doesn't know you my sister thinks your blog is the best!

chaffinclan said...

For shame, Jackie B. How dare you not order the bark? Srsly. It's divine.

Oh and the madras? Nice choice. One of my favorites as well. I have yet to own it but I've talked many a customer into buying it.

ps- We tried the s'mores this year. Not that great. We'll stick with the bark.

LINDSEY said...

Oh, Natalie. Your blog always makes my day better. I love it. Thanks.