Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Disney World: Magic Kingdom day 3

Here it is:

My most favorite picture from our Disney experience. There's never been a more appropriate place to be goofy for the camera.

Our last day was just as fun as the first. We decided to do Magic Kingdom again, because there was more to do for all three youngins. We did most of the rides twice if not more on this day. Have I told you just how much I enjoyed having our guest assistance card? It was wonderful... Emme even had her greedy moments when she'd complain about the 10 minute wait while tons of others had to wait an hour and half for the same ride.

Andrew wanted to meet some celebrities while we were there for our last day, and I couldn't think of anyone more famous than Pluto. Now that's the kind of dog I like. He doesn't jump, shed, or bark. Just poses like this for the camera.

The buzz lightyear ride was a hit amongst our crew... especially daddy. While I thought I was doing good by blasting the "Z" all over the ride to give me a whooping 2800 points, he was in it to win it with his 380000 points. That's a lot of "Z"s y'all.

Grandma, Fiel, and Clee were more than nice enough to sit in a forever line to meet this guy:

They continued to wait while Buzz went for his brake. Emme and I said boo to waiting so went to Space Mountain instead, only to be almost on the ride when it had to be closed down due to technical difficulties. Lane took her later when it opened back up again.

Andrew is no good behind the wheel, y'all. Don't let him tell you otherwise. I've experienced his mad driving skillz. Whiplash for all!!

Uh... it's just your monitor thats making this next photograph all a blur.
If you can't tell due to your monitor being naughty, this is Fiel, Clee, Emme, and Grandma. Grandma is yelling "help me!!" Ha.

The tea cup's made me want to vomit. No surprise there. I wouldn't let the kids turn the cup. Fiel says I spoiled there fun. Indeed I did.

Andrew found his long lost twin...

Our value resort hooked us up with a great pirate deal. So Andrew sat back and became a pirate for a day. He choose his face paint well. That is until it was time to remove said face paint. He looked like he was wearing guyliner for days after.

Almost done...

Arr... This be pleasin' to my eye.

We had a great trip. Emme is already planning our future trip to Disney. She's got a long time to prepare.

I spy with my wee eye, this end of this post.


Grandma Gerri said...

I don't know about the rest of you (but I can guess) I had a fantastic time.

Tice said...

That Andrew. I don't know where y'all found him. Tycen's answer to Andrew's question was, "Mild. Spicy sounds like it would hurt my mouth." Ha.

If I were to ever have to go to Disney I would only wanna go with you. But can we be twinsies in hawt flannel shirts?