Thursday, December 3, 2009

sirmans here. sirmans there. sirmans, sirmans everywhere.

We went to our 2nd Sirmans reunion last Saturday. Even though our little part of the Sirmans clan hung around the teeter totter for most of the time, it was fun and good to see everyone. Especially CF's brother, Dale. Sadly no pictures of Dale were taken with my camera this time, but I do love watching him. He's like an older version of Fiel. I feel like I'm looking into the future whenever I see him.

It wasn't only the youngins having a good time on that teeter totter...

Love him.

Talk about bad news about to happen caught on camera. This next picture was taken a split of a second before Emme's head met the teeter totter. We all had a good laugh. She wants everyone to know Rex still owes her $7 from that day, ps.

CF was there so obviously, so was the music.

CF's brother Maxie (and I do hope that's spelled correctly) has a bass guitar that looks awfully similar to a certain Beatle. Andrew was over the moon with joy to see it and talks about it frequently. Andrew has been asking us where uncle Maxie got his "Paul bass" since he laid eyes on it. He could have easily went over to Maxie and asked him where he got it himself, but he would be a true Sirmans man if he did that, now would he? No.

It sure is fun going to the Sirmans family reunion.


Grandma Gerri said...

good times

Tice said...

I *love* a good Sirmans reunion. We know how to have a good time, y'all.