Friday, December 4, 2009


Greetings family and friends:

This year in efforts to be eco friendly, the Sirmans family Christmas letter is going digital. I hope 2009 has treated you well. As the year comes to an end, The Sirmans family would like to share our reflections on 2009. Ready? Here we go.
2009 has been a busy and eventful year. December 30 will mark the ten year anniversary that our family was established. That's right, folks. Fiel and I are just about to celebrate ten years together, and Fiel says it's been the best ten years of his life. I kinda think he loves growing old with me.

Speaking of growing old, Fiel turns 30 this month. He has turned into an old man right before my very eyes...
Fiel found his calling working with macintosh computers in the beginning of 2009, and he's a genius at his new profession if I don't say so myself. In fact, he's almost converted his entire family to macs.
During his leisure time, he enjoys recording music with his dad and uncle, watching CNN, and spending time with his lovely wife... me. And who wouldn't want to spend their leisurely time with me, dare I ask?

This year has brought my inner geek, crafter, and domestic side out in full force. I'm baking almost every day, and here's the real shocker: I've found a new love in sewing. That's just crazy, right?? I'm hoping santa (i.e my mom) will leave me my very own sewing machine under the Christmas tree. There's not much else to say about me. I'm still the awesome lady I was last year, except I'm a brunette at the moment. That's different, I suppose.

Emme is now a third grader and still the best daughter/sibling/student in the world, as far as I'm concerned. She maintains her status on the honor roll and loves her third grade teacher just as much as her previous teachers. She turned eight this year and was baptized and confirmed a member of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints by her papa, CF. My mom along with all of Fiel's siblings, some Sirmans family, and almost all of Emme's cousins attended. She wore the same dress as her aunts, girl cousins, and her grammy's nieces did when they were baptized. Emme enjoys collecting Littlest Pet Shops, drawing, writing, and teasing a certain little brother. Her new project is learning how to ride a two wheeler. ...We'll keep you posted on her progress.

Clee is doing fantastic. A second grader, he's the same charming young lad everyone knows and loves. He continues to make big progress and we couldn't be more proud of him.
He became very comfortable in swimming pools over the summer. He now can jump in alone and hold his breath under water for several seconds at a time. He enjoys going to school, participating in family activities, jumping on my bed, chewing/eating his shirts (that's a fact, but I threw it in there to make sure you were still following) swinging, collecting Lightning MacQueen die-cast cars, They Might Be Giants, loving on his mama, being carried by his mama, and his beloved portable DVD player.

Andrew. This boy is hard to keep up with. He started pre- kindergarten this year and is excelling with his writing. Our little lefty can now write the words: Andrew, Emme, Clee, The Beatles, exit, Jude, and Paul. He likes his teacher and has made two new friends, Javon and Jude. We've heard several stories about his pre-k arch nemesis, Small Boots, but unfortunately I don't think he's real.
He's become engrossed with Ghostbusters and The Beatles. We joke that he's the boy who was born decades after his time. If you've recently had the privilege of conversing with Andrew, I'm sure you've now become an expert in the Ecto 1 and Beatlemania.

Our family has had a lot of adventures this year. We've made several trips to Georgia to visit Sirmans' and Meme (Fiel's maternal grandmother).
Over the summer the kids and I flew to Utah to spend time with family and buddies. During our Utah trip, my mom, the kids, and I took a road trip to Washington state to visit with my family. Our trip to Washington was wonderful and I fell in love with Sequim and the surrounding areas.
From Utah, we headed to Connecticut for my nephew Jackson's baptism and Fiel's cousin Keener's wedding to Linda. Five adults, and nine children were packed into Tice's two bedroom apartment, but we had fun being in the crammed-like atmosphere. We watched a lot of Alf. Ha. Alf...
My mom was just here for Andrew's 5th birthday and Thanksgiving. We spent a three day vaycay at the Disney World resorts. The kids and adults alike had a blast. Emme is already planning our next and distant future trip back.

Well folks, that's all to report for now. If you haven't had your fill of Sirmans' yet, there's a lot more documentation of our year and years past via this blog if you want to lurk around. If you don't already frequent this blog, please feel free to come back, for I update it often with loads of great and highly entertaining posts.

Bring on 2010!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!


The Sirmans Family.


Amanda L. said...

Very clever and oh so eco friendly!

Here's to another great year to the Sirmans family!

sorichfamily said...

i agree with amanda! loved your letter and love you all! merry christmas!

Amy Hansen Photo said...

Hope 2010 is another good year for ya'll!

Tice said...

Someday I shall live close enough to Georgia to make frequent jaunts to Pearson and Woodville. Until then, I'll continue to live vicariously through you. More importantly, someday you shall live close enough to me and Sally to join us on our dates. Here's to a great year in 2010. And perchaps a roadtrip this coming summer?