Tuesday, January 26, 2010

in the words of andrew: power of example

Andrew to Jude before leaving school: You don't know what pop it. lock it. blow it up is? ... Are you even American?

Power of example is strong in this youngin, methinks.

The question "are you even American?" has come out of my mouth several times in several different situations over the years. I use it as a simple jest in response to topics that just seems plain silly to me.


  • You actually liked the movie Funny People? Are you even American?

  • Uh hello? I'm pretty sure when you said "Anderson Cooper is alright", you really meant "Anderson Cooper is genius!" No? Are you even American?

  • You wear socks with your sandals? Are you even American?

  • Why are you sitting like that? Are you even American?

  • I'm not gonna lie, watching you eat that cheese whiz is making me sick. Are you even American?

And my all time favorite:

  • You don't know who the Beach Boys are? ... Are you even American?

Ha! I say "ha!" because it's true. Beach Boys should be put in the high school American history books. That's if they're not already in them. Believe it or not this one has been used a plethora of times and it never gets old.

I must say out of all the silly billy things I say around him that he could copy, I'm relieved it's this one. Thank goodness "I'm gonna shake my derrière like it's nobodies biznit" hasn't made itself desirable enough to repeat...yet.

Pop it. Lock it. Blow it up, is a handshake Clee's teachers have taught Andrew whilst waiting at parent pickup, ps. He loves it, uses it frequently, and thinks Clee's teachers are the bees knees.


Kim & Stace said...

aaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!! can i please just have him?!?!?! Come onnnnn! he is so hilarious!

Grandma Gerri said...

I have to admit the days without what Andrew is saying are very boring by comparison. Yes you are lucky so far about him picking up things you say.

Tice said...

Ha. I'm gonna start using the "Are you even American?" line, k? Oh and I think bees knees is the bees knees too.

ps- My word verification is tizes. Doesn't that sound like some alter ego of mine?

Betsy said...

that is soooo funny!