Monday, January 25, 2010

joke fail

Tice gave Andrew, the aspiring comedian/musician/wii playing extraordinaire a joke box the tells silly billy jokes in hopes that Andrew could one day tell a joke correctly. I'm not gonna lie, he cracks me up his incorrectly told jokes, but nonetheless he must learn to do them right.

... today is not the day to do so.

Joke Master box: Where does a goat go to his hair cut? The ba ba shop.

Andrew: Where does the goat cut his hair? The barber shop.
... uh do goats really go to the barber shop? 'Cause that would really freak me out.

Joke Master box: Where does Batman take a shower? In the Bat-room.

Andrew: Where does Batman shower? In the bathroom. You know... because he has a cape?

Yes, because he has a cape... uh doi.


Grandma Gerri said...

it will come and you will be sorry!!!!

Ramsey said...

LOL! Awesome

Sally Sirmans said...

I think Andrew's jokes are funnier thank the book.

Tice said...

I agree with Sally. His jokes are *way* better. Because he has a cape. Dur. I think the jokemaster needs to say *ba da ba* at the end of every one, no?