Friday, February 26, 2010

conversations between husband and wife

A week ago today:

Natalie: Wha? Ugh. Fiel! You've gotta stop using my toothbrush.

Fiel: Why?

Natalie: Because you have your own and it's disgusting. That's. Why.

Fiel: ... I don't get it.


The ending song starts to play during the credits of Everybody's Fine (so not a comedy like we had anticipated, btw):

Fiel: Who is singing this?

Natalie: Dunno. Someone british.

Fiel: ... yeah. It's like he's trying to sound like a Beatle.

Natalie: Yeah it does.

Cut to us watching ending credits to see who is in fact singing the song in question:

Natalie: Well what do you know. It is a Beatle.

Fiel: Ah yeah...

Natalie: I'm glad we sat through the credits to find this out.

Fiel: Yep.


Unknown said...

I dont get the toothbrush thing either! Trent hates it when I forget my toothbrush on vacation and I have to use his, I dont see why its a big deal

chaffinclan said...

I like to be a fly on the wall for your conversations.

Grandma Gerri said...

Nat I'm with you on the toothbrush thing. So which Beatle was it?

natalie said...

Mom: Paul.

The Sanders Family said...

Is your tooth brush pink?
Maybe he likes to brush with pink ones.
I sure love my man but I think I would freak if he used my tooth brush.
I will have to look around here and see if i've got an extra around here you could fight over. Ha