Tuesday, February 23, 2010

*Warning. This post contains some brief talks of poop. Don't say I didn't warn you*

The walk to the kids school today wasn't our typical walk to the kids school, if you know what I'm saying.

First we helped an old man retrieve his dog. This dog jumped on me and gave me a big lick across the face. Look. I like dogs, but I like their slobber to be kept in their mouths, more. The old man was thankful and in return, he wanted to tell me about all the money he spent on keeping this dog behind the fence and how his wife doesn't give him the affection and attention he needs anymore because spend so much time on the darn dog. I was soooo happy he shared that information with me.

Then I found out we have a neighbor down the street with Christmas as a last name. How awesome would that be? You could say things like "It's like Christmas with me, everyday" all of the time. I love that.

Thirdly Andrew got tired so I carried him the rest of the way, like I always do, but this time it was different. We were so engaged with our conversation about (ahem) the poop the size of a large banana he had earlier today, and how "crazy cool" (his words. not mine) it was, I didn't see the uneven sidewalk. I tripped and fell right in front of the kids school. Andrew's head hit the pavement. He started to cry. I felt so bad. People were staring. Again, I wished Tice was there to laugh at me. She wasn't.

I saved the best part for last. When we finally limped over to the student pickup, Mr. Reece told me some news that is so worthy of bragging rights! Today in class when they were taking turns saying the date, instead of blowing into the mic like he was Darth Vadar like usual, he actually babbled four syllables for February. How amazing is this chid? Holy smartness.

On the way home, Emme wanted to know about fall which brings me to this next post.


Grandma Gerri said...

Wow that was quite an eventful walk. Christmas is a cool name. @ Andrew good for you in the poop department. Hos is his head by the way. Are you okay? Great Job Clee!!!! Your next post doesn't seem to have anything about fall in it? Love you

chaffinclan said...

I miss all the fun. I'm laughing now if that's any consolation.

nahgem said...

I will use a "code" name so I don't get fired, but I have a patient named "Mary Christmas" No joke. True story.

natalie said...

gem: I LOVE THAT! kudos to her parents!