Thursday, March 25, 2010

And so it begins. Sporting events. Practices, uniforms, and games.
Andrew and the Bears had their very first tee ball game Saturday and they did pretty well for only having two practices beforehand. Andrew looked so cute in his uniform, seriously I squealed at him when I first saw him in it.
He caught his first ball and it was then that I found out I'm one of those moms who yells as loud as she could with gee and support, embarrassing her husband, brother in law and his girlfriend. I could help it, so there!

This is him running to first base after he hit his first ball. Darling.

And this is him on his second time at the plate. Funny story follows this one...

Get it, boy!

And he's off!

You ever seen a kid so off in la la land that he has no clue what to do when he's awaken so he goes in the opposite direction? Yeah. That was pretty much Andrew. Instead of going to second base like he was supposed to, he went to the out field to help other other team catch his teams ball.
... I blame my lack of talent in sports on that one.
Anyway he had fun, and I must say we had fun watching him. Here's to many Saturday tee ball games ahead of us!


Elaine said...

That boy is so cute in anything! Go, Andrew!!

jesti said...

There's something very Calvin and Hobbesian about this photo. Awesome.

natalie said...

@jesti:ha! Indeed.

Grandma Gerri said...

Wow he does look adorable and like he is having a blast!

Tice said...

*swoon* I love him in uniform.

Brittany said...

Aren't they just too cute! It cracks me up every time they run the wrong way.