Wednesday, March 3, 2010

in the words of andrew:

At the shoe store:

Andrew: Do you have any Woody shoes in a size 10 and a half? Something like a boot?

Salesman: I have know idea what you mean.

Andrew: Hmm. Let's go mom...

This is after we went to a store that did have Toy Story cowboy boots. He fell head over heals in love with them. The boots were $35. We weren't getting those boots. He pitched a fit.

We did find some shoes he did fancy at the Target. $10 minus any signs of a cartoon character makes me a happy girl.


april said...

it's a good thing i don't have an extra $35 because i really have the urge to buy them for the boy and mail him. really, how did you resist such cuteness? i love that he had such a definite idea of what he wanted. it's ok, though, you are the mom who scoured the globe for the perfect ghostbuster costume.

Tice said...

Ha. I love this. I have a hard time with shoe salesmen as well, Andrew. Although, I just went to the most amazing old people shoe store, ever, with Sally to buy her Danskos. Amazing.

Grandma Gerri said...

Short and to the point. I like it.

The Sanders Family said...

Ha ha I think it would be awful nice of you to send the sales man a little note or make him an call and tell him he should get to know all the product as to not disappoint others. Ha, it's too funny that Andrew knows the product better than a sales man.