Tuesday, March 16, 2010

it's rough to be a lefty in a righty's world

... that's what I hear anyway.

Andrew started tee ball yesterday. He needed to bring his own mitt. Okay. We'll go pick one up after school. Easier said than done. We went to 4 different stores looking for a left handed tee ball mitt. The only store that had one was Sports Authority and it was $35 vs $10 for the same exact mitt for right handed folks. Talk about left hand discrimination. There were numerous colors to choose from in the right handed mitts, only "poo brown" in the lefty one. We got the $10 blue mitt, because that's what he wanted and he reassured me he could wear it just fine on his right hand. I was done with mitt shopping, so I didn't argue.

At practice, he kept his end of the bargain and wore his mitt on the right hand so he could throw with his left. I told the coach about it so he wouldn't try to switch hands.

Allow me to go off topic for a moment:

Most of the time, I try to keep the way some people treat Clee out of the blog, because that's not what I want to focus on and/or remember when looking back. I feel inspired to share yesterday's experience just to allow you to get a glimpse of what Clee goes through day to day.
Here it is:
During the practice, kids and adults (yes, adults are just as crass. Shocking isn't it?) alike started pointing and laughing at Clee as he threw sand in the air while making his "ahhh" noises. After a mother got on to him for allegedly throwing sand in her daughters face, I had to move him away from the field. I happily did so to avoid a mother bear meltdown. Just to let you know, I dislike it when a random person comes up to my child and asks him "what's wrong with you??" in a very harsh tone. I'm guessing you'd feel the same way.
To be honest, I knew that Clee was 7+ feet away from this 2 year old girl at the time of this allegation and he had his back to her when she tripped and fell head first which caused her to cry. Her mother didn't even look up to see what was the matter until the girl was up and running towards her. Would it have made a difference if I told her mother what really happened? Not to this particular mother, that's why I left it alone. For a lot of mothers, it's easier to blame the child acting "strange" then to actually watch your child, just sayin'. In all fairness not everyone seemed to lack in manners. Some parents were actually very nice. It's always the few rude ones that seem to set your mood. Why is that?

Getting back to my story, after Clee and I moved away from the field, I saw parents coming over to Andrew as he practiced throwing the ball, and switch the mitt to his left hand-not once but twice. That poor child had no hope of throwing the ball 10 feet in front of him using his right hand, but I wasn't there to correct them. That's when I called Fiel to come over on his way home from work. Fiel came, and I was relieved.

I took Emme and Clee home. 10 minutes later I could hear Andrew crying outside the front door. He evidentially fell at practice, started pitching a fit for his mommy, and wanted to go home before practice even ended. So Fiel brought him home. Spoiled child.

His next practice is this Thursday. I will be there with Clee at the field, making sure Andrew doesn't change hands and/or wimp out again. I shouldn't have let my feelings get in the way yesterday, but alas it happens. Thankfully I'll have my friend Meghan who is coming to visit there for support.

The moral of this longer than it should be story is I will one day be gladly willing to spend $35 dollars on a left handed mitt, when Andrew can stay at practice without a tantrum. And some people have no hope for acceptance-just ignorance.


sorichfamily said...

you are awesome....i love you and your amazing kids!

those other people are frustrating! luckily Clee was having fun...and that the "mother bear" didn't rip anyone's face off!! :)

chaffinclan said...

This hurts my heart, I must admit. Give Clemon a kiss for me. And do you need a donation for Andrew's lefty mitt? If you would put one of those paypal buttons on your blog, I'd gladly donate from Sally's account.

Brittany said...

You are so nice and patient with people, Natalie. I truly admire you. You are one hard working mama.

Meghan said...

No worries! I got Clee's back and I will be your handy side-kick. No fear.

Grandma Gerri said...

We'll have to get him a left handed mitt when I come. Maybe I should see if I can find one here to bring with me. what would the size be?

Grandma Gerri said...

Oh yeah and if that mom is not set straight before I get there your momma will take care of it as nicely as possible for me.