Tuesday, April 13, 2010

conversations at the gym

Scenario: Me trying to use this ab thingy.

Lady: Can I show you how to use this?

Me: Oh no. I'm okay, thanks.

Lady: ...But you're doing it wrong.

Me: This way is so much easier, and I can feel the burn, so I'm okay, but thanks anyway.

Lady: Okay, but you'll never lose your baby belly using it that way. It's much more effective when you're using it properly.

Me: I'm sure it is, but the proper way is harder. I'll stick with easier, like I said I feel the burn.

I think she got the message after I put my huge pink headphones back on. How dare she interrupt Gaga's Bad Romance??? Horible. Hmpf.

Why on earth do strangers feel the need to speak to me at the gym? Do I have a look about me that's inviting? Yeesh I hope not, well at the gym anyway. Why can't I go the easy route if I feel the burn doing so? Isn't that what you aim for? Feeling the burn? It's not like I'm taking the easy route on everything, just on my baby belly 'cause you know... sit up thingy's are hard.

And I'm not gonna lie, Lady had a baby belly that was wwwwaaaaayyy bigger than mine... er at least I hope it was.
I'll take losing baby belly advise from a) a trainer or b) a skinny girl, m'kay? Until then, leave me be on the ab thingy.

Update: It's 5pm and already my baby belly hurts. Can't. Sit. Without. Pain. I must be doing something right.


Meg said...

This is priceless! I love that you were so stubborn. I would have been crying with laughter if I had been a fly on the wall. You will have to make me work out with you when you are in town! Seriously!!!!

PS I wish I had pink headphones.

Grandma Gerri said...

The Nerve!!

chaffinclan said...

I love that I got to hear this firsthand. I need to do a little can't.sit.without.pain myself.