Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dear Andrew,

Your mom here, with some advise you should take note of. If you're going to initiate a pillow fight with your 9 year old super competitive sister, please try to keep in mind that your sister is taller and much more aggressive than you. And more importantly, you are always the one who ends up getting hurt. A L W A Y S .
And even more important than that, I lose sympathy for you when you shout "I'll show you, Emme! Get ready for some pain! I'm gonna make you cry!" so don't come to me with your crocodile tears and expect me to wipe them away after she accepts your threat as a challenge... Okay you got me. I'll always wipe your tears away. I'm a fool for your squinty eyed cry. No need to take note on that last sentence.




Grandma Gerri said...

Some day he might be bigger not so sure about more competitive. Poor little guy it would be hard not to wipe away those tears and give a hug or two. I'm sure he will get smarter about treating his big sister of that I am certain.

Meg said...

He will grown bigger than Emme someday. Then she better watch out. This boy will have his revenge. hahaha! Also, can you make me a She & Him CD???