Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The first thing the doctor said when Andrew was born: Whoa! Look at that white hair! There's tons of it!

The first thing my mom said when Andrew was born: Oh no! You stressed this baby out so much his hair turned white! She was jesting... Kinda.

The first thing I said when Andrew was born: Prayers really do come answered.

I longed for a toe headed baby boy. I dreamt about him and his light blonde head, weeks before we even met. Then again, I also dreamt he was a girl a few weeks before we saw his boy parts on the ultrasound.

I love that blonde little head of his, I even envy it. But like always, every good thing comes with a twist. If you ever come into contact with Andrew outside in the sunlight, be prepared to be blinded by his bright head. You need your sunglasses on just to look at him, sometimes. It gets worse during the summer days. It's like the sun reflects off of his head and into your eyes.

I hope it stays that way forever.


Meg said...


Grandma Gerri said...

I love his little (big) toe head.

chaffinclan said...

It will. You have met Rex right?