Tuesday, April 27, 2010

happy 1000th post

Out on the road today I saw a deadhead sticker on a Cadillac ( it was an SUV Cadillac, but still...). But there was no little voice inside my head that said "don't look back. You can never look back." It was more like "curse you iphone for failing to load promptly so I could take a photo of this epic event!"

I couldn't find a better 1000th post if I tried.

ps: I take back my iphone cursing. She's old and water damaged, bless her heart.

pps: if you have no idea what this post even means, click here.


Meg said...

Classy. You better find that Caddy again!

Tice said...

For reasons I am completely unaware of, this post makes me think of the Richard Marx song I heard on the radio this morning en route to the grocery store. Weird.

Anyway, happy 1000th post.

ps- Has Mercedes Dawn been in for her 75,000 mile checkup in preps for the road trip? Woot woot.

Grandma Gerri said...

Even though I did know what the post was about I still had to click the link. Congrats on your 1,000 post!!!

april said...

i had to watch the video even though i was familiar with the song. thanks for enlightening me.

happy 1000th post!

i absolutely adored the post about the nutrition professor being named bacon. hysterical.