Sunday, April 11, 2010

I received an email from potterybarn via Tice suggesting that I might fancy one of their "new" items. I clicked on the link, saw the new item, looked at the quilt on my bed, and felt a little deja vu. It just so happens I did in fact fancy this new item when it was fairly new... 2 and a half years ago.
Okay, okay, you got me. Tice and I went in to the future and bought this quilt.
...McFly sends his regards. The Delorean? Meh.

It's lovely, isn't it? The bedding, that is. I can never have such classy furniture with my heard of elephants children, but I can have a lovely and brand new looking-ish quilt laying on my bed. Although I'm rather fond of that night stand.

All and all, it's kinda nice to see that my Neena quilt is worthy enough to be recycled. She deserves it. We shall wait and see if the Neena quilt catches the eyes of Jacqueline B. Lately, she's been on a jute rug frenzy. How many jute rugs in a 5x7 can one girl have? Jacqueline's house must be huge! Surprisingly she didn't buy any Easter treats from Williams Sonoma this year. Maybe she's hiding jute rugs? *shrugging shoulders*

Tice you had to know I'd blog about this, right? Maybe we can go to the outlets on our road trip and buy it all over again. You know. For funsies.


Tice said...

I love that this was blogworthy. I don't think Jacquline B. is a Neena quilt kind of a person. I picture her as more along the lines of the Providence quilt or the Colebrook, perhaps. And, what? No Easter treats from the WS?

april said...

sorry, nat, just wrote about myself there. not you. this post just shows what impeccable taste you have! if i lived nearer, i would so be clee's pal for a day.

april said...

ok, this so makes me wish tice could take me to the outlets again!!! maybe sally could pose as tice and we could go to long island in august (JK)? where is the closest outlet in utah. i just might have to make tice take me in summer 2011.