Monday, April 19, 2010

in the words of andrew:

Andrew: I can't wear short pants pajamas. I'm serious.

Mom: Why not?

Andrew: ... I think you know the reason.

Mom: No I can't say I do know the reason. Why don't you tell me.

Andrew: Because I can only do my push ups with long pants pajamas. Watch I'll show you...

He did indeed show me. Who knew he could actually do a push up? I guess they're easier when you're 37 lbs.

Andrew: Mom? Does it hurt your feelings when I say I'm better at Super Mario Brothers then you?

Mom: No...

Andrew: Good, because I am.


Meg said...

Duh Mom! Of course he can't do push ups in the shorts! Pfft.

chaffinclan said...

I enjoy his bits o' wisdom. I'd have to say that I appreciate both long and short pajama pants. As for a pushup? I'm more familiar with the popsicle than the exercise.

Lindsey said...


(your kids' comments make me smile on days when I feel like selling one of mine... like every day this weekend)

Grandma Gerri said...

ger him a little mat and then he can do them in pajama shorts. But sometimes you're a big help making him better when he can't quite finish a level huh?