Friday, April 30, 2010

Jukebox is playing a gig tonight. In a bar. Words cannot express how cool it is to say my father in law plays gigs at bars with his band called Jukebox. It's awesome. My husband is there with him. He's the sound tech/recorder/equipment carrier/groupie for Jukebox. My husband goes to Jukebox's shows, has a good time, and stays out late while I'm at home with the youngins, searching the web for Abraham Lincoln picture books.
When did this all happen? It used to be me and Tice going to gigs, staying out late (viva la Poughkeepsie NY) while Fiel tended to the youngins.
The tables have definitely turned with good reason. The husband and his dad are bonding with their music. It shows. Fiel normally loathes loud live music (where did I pick him up?), but when it comes to his dad and his band, he joyfully goes and has a good time. That's love, folks.
One day my ladies and I will join him at a Jukebox gig and we'll dance the night away to Jukebox's rendition of Satisfaction and Mustang Sally. Sounds like a night of perfection if you ask me.


Kim & Stace said...

"my how the turn tables..."
haha! What a lovely reason for the tables to turn:)
wickuh wickuh!!

april said...

this is awesome. almost as awesome as andrew loving abe lincoln. i. heart. abe. too.

Grandma Gerri said...

Good for him, Clee looks like he'd like to go too.

Tice said...

I'm fixin' to have to fly out to get my Jukebox fix.