Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The kiddie school had their science fair tonight. The third grade class put on a performance beforehand where Emme read the report she wrote on Mars exclusively for the performance. Her voice was loud and crystal clear for everyone to hear. She really did a fantastic job.
After that we headed over to the library to see the science fair projects and ribbons they won. There were some pretty impressive projects, but Emme's was by far the best... naturally. Me? Biased? No way. Emme's report on Pluto received a blue ribbon. Her teacher said there weren't a lot of written reports that received a blue ribbon so Emme's hard work really paid off. She thought for sure she was going to get a red ribbon (second place). She was as giddy as giddy could be when she saw the blue ribbon on her display board. Her classroom project even received a blue ribbon... not too shabby.
Even though she now has a science fair blue ribbon under her belt, she still thinks science is boring.


Grandma Gerri said...

Way to go Emme!!!! As always you make your old grandma proud!!!

chaffinclan said...

That there is a good lookin' crew. Is this the report over which y'all were frettin' last week? Did it fill the entire page by day's end?

Meg said...

2 Thumbs up for Emme! She is a little smarty. ;)

elaine c sirmans said...

Yay! Emmegirl!!!
She is such a natural achiever and example to everyone around her. So proud of her and the rest of her cute little family!
Love you guys....and love the photo!