Monday, May 3, 2010

Clee: *playing with my arm chub*

Me: Hey now. I'm working on it. Sheesh.

Clee: *then proceeds to play with baby belly*

Me: Excuse me? Boy you better watch it...

Good news. I can now fit into my size 8 shorts. Holla! They're a stretchy size 8, but they're a size 8 nonetheless. I haven't fit into a size 8 for almost 2 years. Hard work= success. I gotta keep it up. Only one month left before road trip '10.

PS: I think I got "Bieber Fever" at the gym today. Let's not judge. It'll pass. In the mean time, "baby, baby, baby, ooh... " He's so darn catchy, that little Bieber.


Grandma Gerri said...

He was just trying to tell you there isn't enough to play with any more. HaHaHa. Love this boy and you too.

Ramsey said...

That's awesome! Congrats!

Tice said...

Woot woot! We'll be makin' the old I-80 look better with our mere existence.

ps- Give Clee a kiss for me and tell him I can hardly wait to see him next month. Oh and the Bieber? Yup, he's a hit with the teen/tween set around here so I know my fair share of "baby, baby, baby, ooh".

Meg said...

CONGRATS! How do you do it?! I am not self motivated at all. Seriously....I need you to be my summer workout buddy. No jokes. ;)