Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Have you ever squealed with excitement when you saw something you loved at a children's store? And then squeal again when you saw how cheap it was? I've done that-many times. The memory of the Tye Die fish quilt that later lead to Tice and I working at Pottery Barn Kids comes to mind. Ah wonderful memories...

Today I squealed, but it wasn't for a cute quilt. It was for this madras shirt:


I love. It screams Clemon. Clemon had to have this shirt. The manager at the Gymboree thought I was nuts, but what she didn't know was I am a total fool and sucker for madras. Oh alright, I am nuts, but don't you just adore the various plaids and palm trees?

The manager suggested I buy the matching madras shorts to go with the shirt. Madras over madras? Uh no. That's just tacky. Now she's the one who's nuts. Full circle, folks.


meg said...

love it.

Grandma Gerri said...

I love this shirt and it is so Clee, I hope you bought it.

Tice said...

I still remember your squeal over that quilt. Good times.

You know I'm a fool for madras right?