Saturday, May 29, 2010

This is my Saturday night view. It's a communication solution app called Proloquo2go for persons who cannot speak for themselves. It's hopefully what will either become Clee's way of communicating or open the door for more commutation. Technology is amazing, isn't it?

Yesterday was a little nerve racking (or is it wracking?) because the pictures are super tiny on my phone. He wasn't digging the tiny pictures. I wasn't either. Luckily I'm a smart enough gal and read the manual. I figured out how to change the size of the pictures in 4 tries... don't mean to toot my own horn or anything. Uh yeah I kinda do.

Today was a better day. He wanted his dad's MTN Dew. Last night I totally knew he was going to want that MTN Dew today, so I was prepared with a sentence for such a request. He found the picture on his own, and touched it. Clee said "May I have a MTN Dew?" to his dad for the first time. It was pretty awesome.
Fiel was reluctant to give Clee his only cold soda, but he did... in a melodramatic sort of way. Nah I'm just kidding, kinda.

I will admit I was struggling with one huge key to making this a success. The voice. Should Clee speak with a british accent, or an American accent.
... hard, right?
Last night I keyed the phrase "pip pip cheerio" into the app in both said accents, because you know-Clee would be saying this phrase all of the time if he were able. Well the verdict is in: little American boy owns this phrase. Shocking, I know. You would think it'd be the opposite, but no.

We'll keep you posted on our progress.


Tice said...

I'm torn here. But it's my Clemon so, really, how could you go wrong either way?

ps- Road Trip '10 here we come. Woot woot. I-80 won't know what hit it.

Sally Sirmans said...

Love this app. I hope Clee does too. I'm torn on the accent. Hmmmmmmm. I do swoon over a British accent though.

Grandma Gerri said...

Good job mom and Clee!

Karen said...

This is so interesting...where did you get this and all. I can't wait to see how it works. Good luck with it!

Elaine said...

I want to hear the British accent! That would be so cool, Clee!

Meg said...

This is amazing. I can't wait to see him in action!