Wednesday, June 2, 2010

in the words of andrew:

Andrew: Remember when you worked at Burger King?

Mom: Uh no? Can't say that I do.

Andrew: What? How can you not remember that? You loved Burger King.

Mom: Love Burger King? I'm not sure anyone can say that they love Burger King.

Andrew: Well ya did... in Connecticut. Remember? In that big mall? With the bunk beds?

Mom: Oh. You mean Pottery Barn Kids.

Andrew: Yeah whatever. They both sell kitchens. They're the exact same thing.

They're so not. And that's such a boys way of thinking, too. Always linking things to food and ignoring huge differences between places of business.


crissy said...

Just like the whole penguins v. pandas thing.
Your boy cracks me up!

Trent and Amelia said...

That is so funny! thanks for the laugh :)

Elaine said...

You know how it is when you can't quite think of the name, and you do have some clues! That's me, too, Andrew. Burger King - Pottery Barn - two words each. Whatever!!

And my word is is tos! So, there!

Grandma Gerri said...

Ha!!! What would you do without this boy, life would be soooo boring.

Tice said...

I suppose I've oft confused the two as well.

ps-Is it strange that anything I ever eat from Burger King gives me heartburn? I'm sure it's all in my head...

Betsy said...

poor thing...he's a male....he's doomed! LOL!

OK, fellow special mom...are you geared up for summer? Today was my last day of freedom! sigh. :)